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This textbook addresses generally the specialized linguistic needs of students studying Financial Accounting, Business Administration, Logistics, Marketing, Commerce and generally business related areas. It aims at learners from intermediate to high intermediate level of competence and focuses on the technical language used in the field, in thematic areas that students are already familiar with, since they are taught them during their studies.

The book is also useful to professionals who work either nationally or internationally and need to develop their ability to communicate in their workplace. It is suitable for self-study since it includes a broad bilingual glossary of technical terms and an answer- key of all the activities included.

More specifically, the book consists of five different structural sections.

  • Section I consists of eighteen teaching units. Each of these units contains authentic business related texts and a variety of language activities (reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar exercises, tests, writing activities, CV writing, job related skills, etc.).
  • Section II comprises a broad English – Greek business glossary with the majority of the terms used in the eighteen teaching units.
  • Section III, the Grammar Section, which contains tables of grammar structures of the most frequently used language functions and a number of exercises for further practice.
  • Section IV includes the texts to be used in the listening comprehension activities; this enables the teacher to use them as reading comprehension activities as well.
  • Finally, Section V contains the Answer key, which is considered a very useful tool, essential for self- studying

It is hoped that the book will contribute essentially to covering the increased linguistic needs of the students studying business and will serve as a first step for further learning and
development of their language communication skills.


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