Disigma Publications became active in the field of Greek publications in September 2009. The force that guided our actions is our love for educational books.

Our primary objective is to create books of the highest quality that are related to various scientific fields and then provide them to the readers. Our staff places emphasis on the development and promotion of scientific books in Greece and therefore we value the importance of accurate content and high quality bookbinding and printing of every book that we publish.

We have established partnerships with distinguished Greek authors who are teaching in various departments of Greek Universities while at the same time we have solidified agreements with international publishing houses, which has given us the opportunity to translate in Greek several books that are very popular around the world.

Today, more than 350 book titles of various subjects are hosted in our publishing catalogue, covering a wide variety of readers. Our books can be found in the shelves of some of the country’s most famous bookstores.

With thorough knowledge of the object and the proper logistics infrastructure as our key assets, Disigma Publications aim at our further development and our establishment in the field of publishing, always through the creation of books of high quality and scientific prestige.

For more information visit our website: disigma.gr