Educational Robotics with Spike Prime

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Educational robotics with Spike Prime is intended for students and adults who want to learn through simple steps how to use Spike Prime, the new educational set by LEGO® Education. Each chapter includes a large number of images and examples of use, suggestions for activities to solve, and evaluation sheets, which will make it easier for teachers to assess their students’ progress. Teachers using this book will have a step-by-step guide of activities that students can complete in class. Additionally, advanced programming codes, which are used in official educational robotics contests, are included.

In the first two parts of the book, all the programming codes developed and discussed are written using Word Blocks, while in the third part of the book, all programming codes are written in the high-level Python language. The key feature of Python is simplicity, as it has no complex syntax or obscure rules, which makes it ideal to learn by beginners in programming.

Thanks to the numerous images and step-by-step instructions, beginner developers can easily understand and use the educational robotics program, Spike Prime.


  • Pages: 344
  • ISBN: 978-618-202-132-3
  • Year of publish: 2023
  • Book Interior: Colored



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