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eAcademic English for Biology aims to improve your ability to study Biosciences in English effectively. It has been written by an English for Specific Academic Purposes Instructor and reviewed by Biology researchers and experts in the field. It is written for international students who speak English as a foreign language and are planning to embark on an undergraduate programme of Biological Sciences. With this course, you will develop your knowledge of academic and scientific conventions, and you will improve your skills in the following areas:

  • reading and understanding of science-related articles in English
  • listening to lectures, understanding sign-posting language, main points and improve your note-taking skills
  • noticing writing conventions for different audiences and purposes within the same discipline and providing guidelines for effective lab report writing
  • improving academic writing skills such as argumentative essay writing, paraphrasing, formality and citations
  • contributing effectively in seminar discussions
  • preparing and giving effective scientific presentations
  • improving academic vocabulary i.e. experimental language and prominent language features such as biological prefixes, compound words, phrasal verbs and prepositions
  • improving study skills such as planning, note-taking and summarising
  • improving your critical reading and writing skills with peer-review evaluations



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